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Welcome to the Longview Medical Equipment section of The Eldercare Channel. Hi, I'm Nancy Verhei, the host of the Eldercare Channel. Today's topic is Durable Medical Equipment. What that means is, I'm sure you've seen that description before, but it is medical equipment that you bring to the home to help the quality of life for a senior, especially after discharge from the hospital, or after an injury. Durable medical equipment might be a hospital bed. It could be a wheelchair, a commode, and they are coming up with some really interesting technology and equipment that will be seen in future videos. So, listen closely, and I hope you enjoy the topic. Remember, many of these pieces of equipment are covered by Medicare or long term care insurance. So, ask your vendor about whether or not some of the costs are covered. I hope to see you again soon. For Geriatric Care Management concerns, contact Nancy Verhei of Elder Options in Vancouver and Longview. They can be reached at (360) 636-1000 (Longview) or (360) 696-5920 (Vancouver).

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