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Hi, and welcome to the Longview Home Health Care section of the Eldercare Channel. I’m Nancy Verhei, and I’m the host of the Southwest Washington Eldercare Channel. Today’s topic is Home Health Care. Home health care, or home health care agencies, provide skilled, medical care for persons living at home. That could include a nurse or a therapist. It’s usually rendered after somebody’s been discharged from the hospital, and it needs to be ordered by the doctor. The difference between home health care and home care, is home care usually involves caregivers going out to the home and do not have a medical purpose. They’re not nurses or a therapists, but they do custodial care which is cleaning, fixing dinner, making sure their client takes their medications, and so on. This is a very interesting topic because as our national insurance arena is changing both with Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, there are many services that are changing and not being reimbursed by the government. So, it’s very important if people want to know if they’re eligible for a visiting nurse, or a bath aide, or a physical therapist, to call their doctor to see if the doctor will order a service. Thank you so much for tuning in to learn about Longview Home Health Care . Nancy Verhei of Elder Options is a geriatric care manager who provides services in Vancouver and Longview. She can be reached at (360) 636-1000 (Longview) or (360) 696-5920 (Vancouver).

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