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Help for Longview Seniors takes many different forms and we are very blessed here in southwest Washington to have an abundance of local options to address senior needs as well as this Eldercare Channel. This channel talks about where to start and how to begin the dialogue of talking to your elderly parents or loved ones. There are a dozen other topics here on our station, so look and listen. If you still have questions please call me at 360-636-1000.

We will be adding new subject matter based on the input of our viewers. If you have a burning question or if you see a need for additional information on this station please submit your ideas on the right hand side of the page in the Questions/Suggestions box. We appreciate your feedback.

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Is Mom Okay? How to Tell and What to Do!

Our experience is oftentimes an adult son or daughter talks with their senior age parent on the phone and are reassured that, “Everything is fine!”…