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Welcome to the Physicians section of the Eldercare Channel of Longview, Washington. Primary care doctors who specialize in treating the elderly population are called eldercare physicians (or geriatric physicians). They are specially trained to understand and diagnose common ailments and diseases associated with the aging process. They often know which questions to ask and the right symptoms to look for to better catch these conditions in their earliest stages, something many family doctors just don’t have the time or training to do. This allows eldercare physicians to provide a higher level of care to the elderly. Since eldercare physicians are often able to provide that higher level of care, many seniors and caregivers prefer to use them. Health care becomes vitally important as we age, and a good doctor can make a big difference in the quality of life that we have as we age. Before choosing a new doctor, take a look at all of your available options. Make sure to visit with each one prior to engaging their services to make sure that you are completely comfortable with them and that they are someone that you feel can be trusted with your health care. It could help to inquire into the health care philosophy, experience, and education. If you’re looking for eldercare physicians, we have provided a comprehensive directory of doctors in the area. The Eldercare Channel of Longview, Washington works to disseminate the information that seniors and caregivers find valuable and useful and to provide as many resources as possible. We also encourage you to reach out to our Video Host, Ms. Nancy Verhei.  Nancy is an accomplished geriatric care manager who knows just about everyone and everything related to senior care here in the Greater Longview area.  Her company, Elder Options, works with families just like yours to help you make the best possible senior care decisions.

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